What side of the road should I ride on?
  • Left side.
Do I have to wear a helmet?
  • Yes, Helmets are compulsory for both rider and passenger.
Where can I go on the motorbike / scooter?
  • You can go anywhere in Northern Thailand but we recommend that you stay in the Chiang Mai area.
Where can I park?
  • You can park at the side of all roads except where there are red and white or yellow and white stripes on the kerb.
Do you keep my passport?
  • No, we don’t keep passports.
What do I need to rent a motorcycle / scooter?
  • We require a copy of your passport and 1,000 baht deposit.
Do I need a motorcycle riding license?
  • Legally you are required to have a motorcycle riding license. In the event of being stopped by police and not having a motorcycle riding license, you will be subject to a fine ranging from 200 – 500 baht. We do not insist on having a motorcycle riding license and our Medical Insurance will still cover you in the event of an accident up to the limits on our Contract. If you are staying long term, you can ask our staff for information about how to get a Thai motorbike riding license.
What do I do if I get a flat tire?
  • We recommend that you pump the tires up every 2 weeks to reduce the chances of getting a flat tire. However, should you get a flat tire, the customer is responsible for repairing the flat tire. There are motorbike repair shops on almost every corner. A patch on an inner tube should cost about 30 – 40 baht and a new inner tube should cost about 120 – 150 baht.
What do I if I have an accident?
  • You can call us and we will come and assist you. Our telephone number is 087-728-0515
Do you provide Insurance?
  • We provide medical insurance for the rider, passenger and any third party involved in an accident up to the limits mentioned on our Contract. A police report must be made in order to avail of this Insurance.