Motorbike Driving Safety Tips in Chiang Mai

Cruising on a motorbike is the best and most popular way of exploring Chiang Mai. Don’t worry, you don’t have to bring your own bike or buy a new one. Motorbike rental in Chiang Mai is readily available. And depending on the route you take, exploring the city and its neighboring provinces while on two wheels allows you to enjoy the fresh air, see magnificent views and have a close encounter with nature.

However, the difficult roads, numerous rules, and the multitude of locals, some of whom drive pretty recklessly, can ruin the experience. So, before you hop on your scooter, check out some of our driving safety tips when in Chiang Mai.

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3 Fun Day-Trips on Your Motorbike in Chiang Mai

No trip to Chiang Mai will ever be complete without a motorbike ride along the roads of Northern Thailand. Despite the bumpy roads and the numerous road rules that needs to be kept in mind, riders will be treated to amazing views, which will make every ride a journey to remember.

Some day trips are more suitable for larger bikes. And caution is important on the winding mountain roads in Chiang Mai. But if you’re experienced, and up for it, then hang on for a fun ride!

There are several motorcycle routes in Chiang Mai that you and your travel buddies can explore throughout the day. Here are our most recommended routes:

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How To Rent a Motorbike in Chiang Mai – Top Tips

When traveling in Thailand, it is easy to lease or hire a motorcycle, scooter or motorbike. The best tourist places in Thailand, such as Chiang Mai, have a lot of them. The country’s resorts, backpacker’s hostels and other accommodations usually have their own bikes. Motorbike rental in Chiang Mai is a good way to get out, explore the place and have some adventures.

Like any other place in the world, Thailand has its own set of traffic laws and vehicular restrictions that everyone must abide by. But worry not. With the proper guidance of the locals, along with the right motorcycle and gears, you cruise and enjoy Thailand’s sceneries safely and without hiccups. Here is a guide on how to rent a motorbike in Chiang Mai.

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