About Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai – Paradise on Earth… It’s True!


Chiang Mai is Thailand’s second city, It is located 700 kilometers north of Bangkok. Chiang Mai was founded by King Mengrai on April 12, 1296. Chiang Mai was intended to be the great new capital of the thriving Lanna Kingdom. Nowadays, Chiang Mai is famous for her friendly people, beautiful women, refined handicrafts, cool climate and stunning mountain scenery. More than three-hundred temples, among them some of the most beautiful and revered in the entire Buddhist world, give Chiang Mai an atmosphere of calmness and timeless elegance.

The quality of living in Chiang Mai is very high. Accommodation and food are of the highest standard and available at a very low cost. Entertainment is plentiful with numerous festivals, outdoor activities and a great nightlife.

Genuine adventure is to be found in the immediate vicinity of Chiang Mai with jungle tours, rafting, elephant riding and hill tribe villages to visit. Our top five day trips in Chiang Mai with a scooter / motorbike would be to visit Doi Suthep Mountain, San Kampeng Hot Springs, the famous temples in the old city, Chiang Mai’s Grand Canyon and a day trip to the many tourist attractions in Mae Rim area. You can ask our friendly staff for more information.

Shopping in Chiang Mai is great, be it for handicrafts, clothes or luxury items. Everything can be found at great prices in stores ranging from small family-run shops to world-class luxury outlets and shopping malls.

There are three seasons in Chiang Mai — the rainy season from June to October, the hot season from March to May, and the cool season from November to February. Generally, Chiang Mai is cool and pleasant for the most parts of the year. The coolest months are December and January. The temperature throughout the year varies between 14° – 35° C, while the yearly average temperature is 26° C.

The easiest way to get to Chiang Mai is to fly but you can also come from Bangkok by bus or train

Everyone who comes to Chiang Mai falls in love with the city. We have many customers returning annually or often a few times per year.

So if you are ready, drop by Mango Bikes or contact us to arrange a scooter / motorcycle for your stay. Thanks, and please ride safely.