3 Fun Day-Trips on Your Motorbike in Chiang Mai

No trip to Chiang Mai will ever be complete without a motorbike ride along the roads of Northern Thailand. Despite the bumpy roads and the numerous road rules that needs to be kept in mind, riders will be treated to amazing views, which will make every ride a journey to remember.

Some day trips are more suitable for larger bikes.  And caution is important on the winding mountain roads in Chiang Mai. But if you’re experienced, and up for it, then hang on for a fun ride!

There are several motorcycle routes in Chiang Mai that you and your travel buddies can explore throughout the day. Here are our most recommended routes:

Samoeng/Mae Sa Loop

This loop is great for beginners because it has smoother roads, easy curves and only requires a short time to finish. It is a 100km trail that starts in Chiang Mai, then passes through Mae Rim, Samoeng, the airport and back to Chiang Mai. It follows Route 107, 1096 and 1269. If you check with the map, this route has a counter-clockwise direction, making the challenge in elevation easier for non-professional bikers.

The trip can be finished in 2 hours, but tourists should allot at least 3-4 hours to accommodate food stops, tourist activities, and photo-taking with scenic views.

Popular stops along the Samoeng/Mae Sa Loop are the following:

  • X-Centre Bungee Jump
  • Mae Rim Shooting Range
  • Mae Ram Orchids Farms
  • Mae Sa Waterfalls
  • Mae Sa Elephant Camp
  • Strawberry Farms
  • Ban Muang Goong Pottery Village

Mae Kuang Loop

If you want a ride that comes with a one-of-a-kind experience with Thailand’s waters, this trail is best for you. It is a 100km stretch that can be finished in half a day and involves a boat ride to complement the time spent you’ve on your bike.

The trail starts at Chiang Mai, then passes through Pa Mai via Route 1001. You can take a detour to the Buatong Forest Park where you can enjoy the magnificent Buatong Falls. You can take a dip, climb or simply enjoy a picnic by the cool water. You can then head back to Route 1001 and continue down the road and head to Pasak Ngan Village where you will see the end of the road at the dam.

You have to cross to the other side of the dam or Mae Kuang by riding a small boat together with your bike. From there, you can ride back to Chiang Mai via Route 118.

Chai Prakarn Loop

Riders who want to experience this loop will enjoy 206kms of asphalt road surrounded by scenic views. The entire trail can be finished within a day but with minimal stops. Hence, this one is highly recommended for travelers who want to enjoy the thrill of the road and do not mind stopping for views and meeting locals.

The trail starts in Chiang Mai, then passes through Phrao, Pa Hin, and then back to Chiang Mai.

Before going in any of these day trips, make sure you are equipped with the right motorbike or scooter. Aside from that, make sure you have all the safety gear, especially helmets. Drop by our store, Mango Bikes Rentals, for a wide array of choices for motorbike rental in Chiang Mai and a complete set of safety gears.

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